an eloquently warped point of view from the tongue of a cartoon character.

My Dear

My dear:

The last 365 days have turned me into something I wasn’t:
turned inside-out be grief that pounded at my temples,
eaten by your words and your claims of abuse,
swallowed whole by the pit in my stomach that had vomited me up and swallowed me again,
picked at my bones with anger
and lust in my teeth,
drank liquor until my body shook
with what you took and loved from me,
destroyed my ideas of what is right

and what is right

and what is right

and what is fair,
died for you — pleading not to — I died for you.


the last 365 days have turned me into something I was:
unbroken by love from a boy with curly hair and sad blue eyes and the clammiest hands,
set free from your mind games and your anger,
liberated from your echoing hatred and violent resentment,
plucked from my old ways and poured into my new,
rid of you.

Completely rid of you.

Like I was always supposed to be, my dear.

Rest easy. I think of you sometimes, but never.
Just like how you thought of me.


did you sneak in?

“in my own little corner, in my own little chair
i can be whatever i want to be”
– cinderella

there are so many blissful, colourfully crumbling, abandoned, alluring structures around winnipeg, some of which are covered in vibrant murals of crooked, towering graffiti, others which have moulded and aged into withered shells of metal and concrete: so, i’ve started doing some exploring/creeping/sneaking in the last couple of months to see what i can find.

this shoot in particular was a tough one to get through as we were constantly peeking over our shoulders, crawling passed open, rusting windows, & scurrying around this massive cement castle, but krista was a total champion and stuck it out like a pro~



48 prize tickets for a big stuffed bear

i had the wonderful opportunity to shoot behind the scenes at the red river ex in winnipeg, manitoba the day before it opened to the public with the beautiful elena & anna~

while it was windy as hell that day as we scurried around the exhibition park, hopping into big piles of stuffed animals and posing on massive, colourful, metal funhouses & vibrant, towering fair rides, it was still fun to snap these shots and get yelled at by carnies.

“chasing after you is like a fairytale, but i feel like i’m glued on tight to this carousel”
– melanie martinez