The Ghost of First Post

by hellorousseau

The ghost of first post.

fantastic image not mine~

So. This is the first post of my new blog. So magical.

Perhaps this will be a mish-mash of testimonials from real Winnipeg talent about self acceptance (and their tips and tricks). Maybe it’ll be a ton of really neat pictures from my camera and the rest of the internet. It might be a thought or two or three, and- weather permitting- it could try and be amusing.

In order to kick this off, know that…

  1. I am a Creative Communications student at Red River College.
  2. I believe everyone should be allowed to wear whatever they want whenever they want if it makes them feel pretty.
  3. I have big eyebrows and one has this problem where it grows vertically up my forehead like it’s trying to escape off my face.
  4. I sing a mean aria, musical number, and jazz ballod.
  5. I’m an incredibly driven young lady.
  6. I’m ready for a self-esteem revolution.

So, to make a toast to the first post, this is my majestic journey to find a little more self acceptance, and to help see beauty through people in my life.

Here here.