The Musical, the Fashionable, and the Fierce

by hellorousseau


My first idol ever was Tiger Woods.

I thought he was the coolest guy in the entire world (mainly because all my dad did was watch golf and Tiger would always win). I never really played golf, but my dad got me a miniature set that was exactly like Tiger’s and I would carry it around everywhere- even when I was not playing golf- and show people all the neat things it did, like stand in the corner, or rest against a wall. I loved Tiger Woods so much that when I was in little league soccer and we had to get our player’s card made, I said my ‘favourite player’ was Tiger Woods. I’m pretty sure I didn’t understand the question.


For some reason this image seems relevant.

When I was thirteen years old, my father and I were driving back from TADA!: Musical Theatre Camp, (it’s an actually actual thing) when he pointed out that the tedious car ride would be silent. Dave didn’t have any CDs and the radio would be wonky. It was upsetting until I found a CD in the side pocket of the vehicle and played it obsessively on repeat from Calgary to Winnipeg.

Leonard Cohen is my favorite musician/poet/person/man/wordsmith/angel to ever adorn a fedora and write lyrical magic. When Mister Cohen came to Winnipeg a few years ago, I went and was the youngest person there. I stood and sobbed with happiness at every song.

Leonard Cohen came back to the MTS Centre this year in April. It made me so incredibly happy to listen to him sing for four hours straight; and let me tell you, buddy, the guy never once took a seat. The 78 year old man danced non-stop, even kneeling down more than ten or so times to emphasize the beautiful words in his music. Dance Me the End of Love, Everybody Knows, and of course Hallelujah gave my emotions violent spasms while Toby, the middle-aged dude next to me who was slightly balding, would turn in excitement and say, “WOAH DID’JA SEE THAT?”

Yes, Toby. I saw that.

Leonard Cohen was ‘born with the gift of a golden voice’ (to quote my favourite Cohen tune, Tower of Song). He’s a poetic inspiration, wordsmith, song master and ultimate music champion. Leonard Cohen writes silk into fine lines of song and composes intricate little masterpieces out of music, and he continues to do it at age 78.


Pictured: Supreme Overlord of Musical Talent.

I first came across Nadia Aboulhosn’s blog a year or so ago after I discovered her on an American Apparel ad. American Apparel is a company that is notorious for having small sizing. I like the clothing, and have shopped there before, but it’s no secret that their sizes are extremely limited. Some clothing warrants only an extra small, small, and medium, so it was odd for me to see a plus size model advertised. After doing some digging, I found out that the Arab model was a body-positive, self-love guru of sorts with an incredibly sleek and particular sense of style and overflowing confidence to boot.

Her thick eyebrows helped me appreciate my own pair of monsters that sat above my eyes. Her Instagram is constantly flooded with incredibly stylish outfits and bold fashion choices. She is an outspoken, beautiful young woman who lives only for herself. Nadia Aboulhosn is such an inspiration to me, and her confidence is unbelievably infectious.


I have really aggressive tutu envy right now.

Courtney Alexis Stodden was Miss Ocean Shores (Washington) Teen USA 2009 and represented her city in the Miss Washington Teen USA 2010 pageant. Courtney Stodden attended “Alpha Omega”, an online private Christian Academy based in Iowa. Courtney Stodden hosted her own TV show called “The Courtney Stodden Show” in the North Beach community- but this is not why people know who she is.

Courtney Stodden is famous for marrying Doug Hutchison on May 20, 2011. He was 51 and she was age 16. Both of Courtney’s parents were consenting about the union, but the world took notice and suddenly she was a hot topic. Many people criticized the marriage, saying it was creepy and weird, but the couple defended their decision and are still happily married today. I didn’t know what to think when I first heard the news. Part of me was a little put off, but another part of me really, really didn’t care. I heard tons of people talk about how disgusting it was that she…

a) Married a man that’s like, three times her age.

b) Wears such tiny, revealing outfits out in public.

c) Calls herself a feminist!

It perplexed me that people absolutely hated the poor girl for wearing and acting however she wanted. Despite being bubbly, friendly, and incredibly well spoken, the loathing of this ‘blonde bimbo’ was explosive. It wasn’t until I came across a lovely Tumblr blog that my appreciation for Courtney Stodden really started. I realized that despite all of the negative, awful names that people were pitching at Stodden, she continued to promote herself and enjoy her life and marriage the way she wanted. She dresses for herself and does her hair and makeup for herself. Courtney believes in doing whatever makes her happy, and embraces her choices rather than hiding them, like the breast enhancement she received earlier this summer, her first plastic surgery ever despite rumours of previously going under the knife.

Courtney Stodden embodies body-positivity and self-love in the fullest extent. She disregards the hate that is constantly being sent her way. Her choices are her own, and that is the true definition of confidence.


Side Note: It isn’t okay to judge and scrutinize someone’s character based on what they choose to wear.
Their body is not your body. A person’s choice of clothing will never define their entire existence.