Powerhouse Princess

by hellorousseau


“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” ― Steve Maraboli

When I wear my 5.25″ Jeffrey Campbell Lita‘s, I’m around 6 feet tall.

When Jess wears a shoe that’s 5.25″, she’s 5’3″.

She may be small, but Jessica K. is a force to be reckoned with (clichéééééé).
The 21-year-old University of W. student studies business, and speaks strongly for women’s rights. She is an avid horror movie enthusiast, makeup lover, and insists that she’s team Star Trek and team Star Wars. Jess is a passionate, well-spoken feminist, who believes in body-modification and the right to wear whatever the hell you want.


Pictured: Queen of Cute Body Modifications.

Body positivity to me is body acceptance, and not just your own. Being able to accept that not only are bodies beautiful, but that they’re all different. Once you can accept and appreciate that, rather than focusing on minor insecurities with yourself, body positivity is innate. Body positivity is promoting and encouraging other women, and men, to have a healthy outlook on themselves.

Our generation has grown up in a society (that includes the media, politics, and our peers), that as women, our bodies and our beauty is one of the most important aspects of our entire lives. A beautiful body has changed rapidly from being curvaceous and full bodied, to skinny and toned. Body positivity isn’t telling your friend, “Don’t worry if you’re boobs are small- some guys like that too!”, it’s telling her that if she’s happy with her body, you support her 100%. If she’s not happy with her body, you should be a crutch, and support her with her choices.

I don’t think that any one person is permanently confident. My confidence levels change on a day to day basis; it’s not always pertaining to my appearance.

When it comes to how I look, my confidence comes from how I treat myself. When I’m working out, I feel amazing, my body feels amazing, and it’s really an indescribable feeling to be content and actually happy with who you are. But to contest that, my intellectual property is also really important to me. Having a full course load of studies, and getting grades better than I thought I would, is something that makes me feel better than feeling pretty. I try to stay confident by always trying to better myself.

Confidence also comes from make-up. I don’t think it makes me prettier, I don’t wear it because I’m insecure, but I know how to do a mean winged liner, and when I’m rocking it, I feel sexy and confident. Even though my demeanour is at a whopping 4’11”, I feel like I can see over everyone else.

My favourite physical features are my nipples. I have them both pierced and tattooed. They’re by far my favourite attribute. They’re hidden, and no one knows they’re there; they’re my little secret. I’m not a quiet, submissive, passive woman; I’m outspoken (and polite), but I love that my nipples are a piece of me that are just for me (and my awesome boyfriend).

I wouldn’t say that my modifications have boosted my confidence too much. But, I’ve taken pieces of my body that I wasn’t necessarily in love with, (but could not change unless I had surgery) and tattooed, pierced, and changed them. They became pieces of me that I love more than anything. They became pieces of me I love to flaunt- and it does make me feel better to show them off.
I also have my tattoos and piercings that cannot be seen unless I show you. I like having a bit of secrecy and control of how I am perceived.”

Please, please, please do research to find the right artist! Never settle on the picture if it’s not exactly what you had in mind, and don’t be nervous about regretting it! I have never gotten a tattoo that has any meaning to me, because if they have no meaning, they can have no regret. I loved the art that’s on my body before it was tattooed on me.
My advice would just be to make sure it’s what you want. Don’t let your friends change your mind. Listen to any feedback your artist has- it’s their job, not yours.

This is how this body-modified powerhouse stays body positive.