Something Printed This Way Comes

by hellorousseau

I’m not going to lie, I’ve started craving sleep.


Actual footage of me at school last Friday.

The program I’m in is very intense (AND FUN) to say the least. One part of this very intense (AND FUN) program is designing an entire, full colour, full spread- full everything– magazine. As you could imagine, it is a tremendous amount of work that I feel I’m very not prepared for, but hey,

that’s life.

(And I’m always up for a challenge.)

On that note, I’m really excited to announce that CHARGE magazine will be released on April 4th, 2014.

CHARGE aims to be an edgy women’s health magazine celebrating different body types and lifestyles. The magazine will feature everything from Winnipeg people’s body image stories and world-wide online trends, to Roller Derby and people who like to put pretty jewelry in their face.

Most of all, I’m just really pumped to be working with such passionate people who are working really hard (harder than me) to make CHARGE successful. Brina, the internet-loving, trend-tracking super sleuth/cat admirer. Derrick, the big laughin’, super cool, CrossFit-doing dude. Stephen, the one-hat-owning, mega-baseball enthusiast (who also really loves hot dogs), and Emily, the on top of everything, glasses-wearing ultra-babe.

So if you’d like, follow CHARGE’s Twitter for daily updates about the magazine, other body-positive content, and global body image news.

(Or don’t; I’m just givin’ you all your options.)