CHARGE Foreword, Then Panic Slightly

by hellorousseau

I’ve been lazy.
Forever sleepy, even, but that is the nature of this academic beast: and I intend to tame it.

Yesterday, two of my team members and I sent the final print of our magazine to the shop. It was an invigorating feeling.
Thrilling. Ecstatic. I was giddy.

I will resume regular postings and shenanigans as soon as I’m able to get a full nights sleep (preferably without violently waking up with stress-dreams of auto fails. Plus, last night I thought someone shot me in my stomach- so, you know. There’s that), but until then, I’ll post a few more pictures of some wonderful women I’ve had a chance to photograph.

I want to thank every single person who has taken their time and energy to contribute to CHARGE magazine. Without your support, and your willingness to do whatever to help me out, the final product would NOT be the same. Not by a long shot.

So please, enjoy some visuals,
take in the sights, and don’t forget to take CHARGE.


Lauren, Raquel, and Alysha.


Rebecca and Amanda.

me hi

Bonus: Me looking sassy, and then the opposite of sassy.