hello there,



My name’s Cella Lao Rousseau, and I’m a Winnipeg journalist, Creative Communications graduate, social media specialist, bestselling author, and award-winning blogger.

I’m dedicated to too-tight/overly-baggy clothes, skirts of any length, reading about serial killers, cosmetics, opera music, and blogging about body positivity.

I promise a wide variety of smeared red lipstick, pictures of beautiful people, and a terrifying ride in my silver PT cruiser.

In my spare time, I can be found updating this award-winning blog, dabbling in photography and film, editing, writing stories, collecting cosmetics, or belting out an operatic aria.

I take pride in my intense attention to detail, whether it be through my trained makeup artistry, my writing, or photography. Although I typically write stories on current events and breaking news, I have a soft spot for horror and true crime literature.

               The more cringe-worthy, the better.

It was this fascination with true crime that inspired me to write my bestselling novel, Damsel, which was released March 10th at McNally Robinson Booksellers.

I’m a social media enthusiast, and while a large part of my life is online, I’m still a very social person, making friends in odd places; always looking for trouble.

Though I consider myself a professional in my many different areas of expertise, I always continue to push myself to do better.

            If it means going out of my comfort zone for more impactful news stories   and difficult, investigative journalism, so be it.

            If it means learning two German Lieder and two Italian arias in two months for a single concert, so be it.

            If it means waiting hours for the perfect photo or shot without a tripod and only one battery pack, so be it.

            If it means editing, voicing, and exporting a story in only 30 minutes on a lagging Adobe Premiere file, so be it.

            If it means painting a crisp cat-eye, bold red lip, contour, and false lashes in a 45 minute makeup application, so be it.

    To quote Reggie Watts,

I’m a cartoon character,
you’ll never be able to be like me.