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did you sneak in?

“in my own little corner, in my own little chair
i can be whatever i want to be”
– cinderella

there are so many blissful, colourfully crumbling, abandoned, alluring structures around winnipeg, some of which are covered in vibrant murals of crooked, towering graffiti, others which have moulded and aged into withered shells of metal and concrete: so, i’ve started doing some exploring/creeping/sneaking in the last couple of months to see what i can find.

this shoot in particular was a tough one to get through as we were constantly peeking over our shoulders, crawling passed open, rusting windows, & scurrying around this massive cement castle, but krista was a total champion and stuck it out like a pro~



The 2015 Sephora #Winnipeg Oscars

Just a few snapshots from this weekend’s glitzy & glamorous event~

Thank you to the Sephora Winnipeg team for the opportunity to shoot these incredibly talented local artists. The rest of the photos will be up on my Facebook within the next week or so.

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